Our Products

Cold Smoked Salmon

Cold Smoked Salmon, (unsliced side)Our fish are carefully selected for size and quality before being placed on a bed of sea salt and brown sugar, a second mixture is placed carefully across the top fillet and left overnight to allow the mix to penetrate the fish. The salt is then washed off and the fish is allowed to dry before being placed in the smokers and smoked using wood chips from old malt whisky barrels. The sides of salmon are smoked for approximately 18 hours at a low temperature this allows the smoke to impregnate the fish and give it its unique taste. In 2014 and 2015 Creelers Cold Smoked Salmon was awarded two stars by the Guild of Fine Foods Awards .

Hot Smoked Salmon

Creelers Side of Scottish Hot Smoked SalmonSlightly smaller salmon are carefully filleted before having their pin bones removed and placed into a salt water  brine for an hour and a half, then placed on trays to drip dry before being put into the smokers. The smokehouse then cold smokes them for approximately 7 hours before increasing the temperature of the smoke, slowly roasting the salmon in an oven full of whisky smoke.  Unlike many other smokehouses we use less salt and only lightly cook the fish so that we create a wonderfully moist and succulent side. We supply the hot smoke also known as roasted salmon or bradan rost (gaelic) in either whole or half sides. In 2014 Creelers Hot Smoked Salmon was awarded two stars by the Guild of Fine Foods Awards. In 2015 our Hot Smoked Salmon achieved three star recognition and entered the Top 50 Foods category.



Loch Fyne Kippers

Creelers Loch Fyne KippersWe do not in fact smoke these ourselves but instead source our kippers from the only true remaining Kipper smokery on the banks of Loch Fyne in Tarbert .The family business has been handed down for at least 3 generations and is now run by brothers Donald and Alasdair McAlister. These kippers are moist and meaty and have no artificial dyes or colour.


 Smoked Duck

Creelers Sliced Smoked Duck BreastDuck is an excellent meat to smoke as it has so much natural fat that it is very hard for it to become dry, which is a danger with smoked meats. The breasts are smoked whole and then hand sliced, packed on boards. The result is a fine tasting product; which is excellent with a simple salad and a balsamic dressing or a homemade chutney.


Smoked Arran Venison

Creelers Scottish Sliced Smoked VenisonThis year we are smoking Sika deer from Kintyre. We take some of the finest does that by necessity have to be culled, and then have the haunches jointed before marinating them for eight days. The meat is then left to air dry for ten days more before being smoked for a minimum of 72 hours, the result being a strong tasting meat that reflects the spices that have been used in the marinating.

Gift Packs

Creelers Large Gift Pack with ChampagneThe pâté, and the small and large gift packs are packed in polystyrene boxes with wood straw to hold them in place. The Deluxe gift pack is presented in a wicker laundry or log basket with the contents being held in with a strong clear cellophane wrapping which shows off the products as they are unwrapped. The Super Deluxe gift pack is packed in a delightful wicker picnic basket which has a lasting use even after the contents have long been consumed.